Glass Fringe and Rain Systems

Over Door Glass Porch Systems; technically it can be stainless, steel, aluminum or iron carrier. It is produced specially for you in our modern production facilities. In the Glass Porch System, the glasses are produced with tempered and laminated glass, making it twice safer. If the glass is subjected to a violent impact and breaks, it will never fall to the ground and hang where it is.

The glass eaves, stainless canopy, glass parapet glass porches produced by our company are not designed as a feature, but are designed in accordance with the characteristic feature of the building to be applied according to the R&D studies and glass eaves details of our company. Our glass porch console openings can reach up to 5 meters.

Stainless Glass Marquise Sheds are applied especially in shopping malls, business centers, hospitals and main entrances of prestigious buildings,

The materials we use in these structures are mainly used in stainless steel or painted black hair, stainless steel or painted NPU etc. profiles.

The accessory materials used are mostly 304 quality stainless. Stretching is done with stainless steel ropes.

The system produced with stainless laser cut can be made in the desired model and thickness. Static calculations of glazed canopy porch systems suitable for your projects are made and production is made by calculating the material and glass thicknesses to be used.

You can contact us to find out the price of Cam Fringe and Rain Systems m² and get a quote.