Guillotine Glass Systems

Guillotine Glass Systems are glass panels that open automatically and vertically. The guillotine glass systems, which are produced in modular sizes and sizes suitable for the project, are the newest automatic window system preferred in many areas and spaces. The guillotine glass systems produced with isolation solutions and safety features suitable for all kinds of weather conditions are manufactured in many models and designs according to their intended use. Specially designed stainless profiles, steel carriers are the highest level of safe systems with 100% safe and alternative glass options.

Guillotine glass systems make a great addition to each of the contemporary architectural designs. Özgü Mühendislik serves its customers with its high production standard. Guillotine glass systems show optimum performance in thermal insulation, energy saving and transparency. We can create a design and configuration suitable for your structures during the design and project phase. The motors, accessories used can be selected and integrated into your smart home system. Guillotine Glass System with remote control motor – restaurant, terrace, patio, etc. It is the ideal product for.

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