Half Covered Facade Systems

Semi-capped aluminum curtain wall systems are a system that adds richness to the curtain wall by using profiles in shuttle, flat, almond and other sections, depending on your preference, either vertically or horizontally. Our company, which produces profiles of semi-capped aluminum curtain wall systems, provides the opportunity to use decorative covers after the horizontal or vertical printing profile.

The semi-capped aluminum curtain wall systems service provided by Daper Yapi, as with other glass façade systems, provides horizontal seals that have been expanded in horizontal areas, as well as sealing on the bed registration. These are EPDM wicks in semi-capped aluminum curtain wall systems.

The pressure and cover elements on the outer shells of the semi-capped aluminum curtain wall systems are used horizontally or vertically according to the specification of the project. It allows wide-span applications through griage profiles with different depths.

In the semi-capped facade systems, the combination of glasses to be used on the façade is determined by the purpose of the buildings, the weather and climate conditions, the façade and the type of glass that carries the performance values, and the color of the glass that suits the preferences of our valued customers.

You can contact us to find out the price of m² of m² of façade systems and to get a quotation.