Terra Cotta Facade Systems

Since Terra Cotta cladding products are produced with advanced technology, they are resistant to atmospheric effects and have a recycling feature. The terra cotta façade coating and the building body acquire a protective coating, while the structural characteristics complement each other with an innovative, maintenance-free, ecological, economical and very good design potential.

Terra Cotta, which means terracotta, is produced industrially from clay and natural materials. Terra cotta façade cladding Terra Cotta ”materials, which are produced by using natural clay material at an average temperature of 1200 ° C, have been used as decorative and complementary building elements for air layered façade systems as natural façade cladding materials preferred by investors and architects for many years.

Terra cotta panels are made from natural materials such as clay and kaolin. They are facade cladding materials that provide natural ventilation of facades and do not limit architectural imagination. Instead of using artificial materials for coloring, a wide variety of color options were obtained by using different pigments and natural pigments and natural cooking colors of the soil.

Depending on the horizontal or vertical design of the building, there is the freedom to choose a horizontal or vertical format. This provides a wide variety of designs.

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